Family Comes First

“Thank you for everything you did in assisting my son to make today’s purchase possible. I thought it would be almost impossible for this to happen with us being so far away, and the venture such a huge undertaking. But happy to say, everything worked out, and we are very proud of and happy for him! It is a great place for him, and the fact that he could rent before owning, and not have to move much furniture, made the whole ordeal much easier. Thanks again for all of your help with moving the kitchen table and chairs, ski’s, etc.

You were a great asset to us, and made me feel comfortable not being there for the Closing. I could clearly see that you had our best interest in mind, and would be there to help through any unforeseen circumstances. I understand Closing went without a hitch, and we all are very relieved. Rest assured that if we know of anyone looking to purchase a place in the area, you will be highly recommended.”